AL Khair Charitable trust serves as link and motivating agent in the service of Community by initiating innovative programmers for weaker section of the society since 1996.

It was registered in the year 1998.  (Reg No. 5572-IV 416/98).


Its headquarter is situated at Haroon Nagar Sector- 2. Phulwari Sharif, Patna – 801505. Bihar (India). Presently its service area spreads from Patna Junction to Khagaul along with their suburban areas.


  1. Revival of multipurpose use of mosque.
  2. Attending to collective as well as individual social needs like health & hygiene, education (Deenyat + modern education) and living condition. 
  3. Providing usurious micro credit to poors for income generation.

It has two tier programmes:

  1. Motivation of affluent section.
  2. Rendering services to the poors.

As a result of motivation, 289 economically well placed people are associated with placed people are associated with Alkhair with the commitment to help the poor on an ongoing basis. It renders services to poor through service area approach and village adoptions, where majority of them are poor and in a mixed population through identification.