Education: It has launched three program for promoting education.

  1. Maktabs :- There are 14 villages where trust either runs Maktabs or extends necessary assistance to meet Complimentary needs of education.
  2. Scholarship programme: – Trust awards scholarship to Bihar domiciled students of professional Vocational courses. It gives minimum Rs 200/ and maximum Rs 500/ per month on year to year basis till the completion of course. 
  3. Educational Kifala programme for orphans: This Kifala programme covers the school going orphans in the age group of 5 to 16 years. Any beneficent may by kifala by donation Rs 400 per month of 4800/ for a year or Rs 24000 for five years in one lump sum or in a respective multiple for more than one student by cash/draft.

Health & Hygiene: 

  1. Trust runs the Homeopathic dispensary to extend free medical treatment.
  2. It maintains medical emergency fund to meet accidental and emergency medical cases of poor people.
  3. It provides free of cost medical treatment to those poor patients coming from suburban areas where medical facilities are not available.

Employment:- To enable poors to generate income through self-employment, following intervention have been made.

  1. Provide non-refundable cash assistance.
  2. Provide interest free loan of small amount.
  3. Provide refundable cash to landless labourer to acquire land on rent (batai) for cultivation.
  4. Provide cattle and chicken for dairy and poultry respectively.
  5. Provide help under the Government sponsored scheme for poors.

Charitable Programmes 

Eid Programme :- Every year Al Khair Trust takes the eid occasion to share with poors the pleasure of festivity by dispensation of Sewai (1 kg). Milk (1/2 Kg) & Suger (250 grams) and sticks of itar among them. In addition to that new Saris and Lungis are also distributed among destitute. Funds are raised by donation and Fitra.

Distribution of used Clothes: – Trust collects used clothes and distribute them among needy person.

Distribution of woolen clothes & blanket: – During the winter used and new sweaters and clothes together with new and old blankets are also distributed among needy person to brave the cold.


Al-Khair Co-operative Credit Society Ltd:- In order to enable the poors to raise their income levels and to improve living standards, the provision of thrift, credit and other financial service of small amount to them without interest is considered essential. It is, therefore, Trust proposed to set up Al-Khair Co-operative Credit Society. Paper for registration of this society has already been filled. It is expected to be registered very soon.

Dars-e-Quran :- Alkhair has been organising Dars-e-Quran programme since its inception of first Sunday of every month, just after Namaaz-e-maghrib to fulfill the growing desire of the general people and non madarsa people to grasp the true spirit of the Quran and understand the object of its revelation.

Future Dream

AL Khair Trust desire to utilize the network of mosque as nucleus of addressing all social activities. Keeping in view, Trust plans to ling following service with the mosques in its area of operation.


  1. Opening of Day and night school (Deenyat with modern education) right from Maktabs to secondary level.
  2. Adult Education: For making people literate.

Health Centre:-

  1. To provide doctor (Homeopath) to give first aid medical facility to the people.
  2. To arrange ambulance to carry emergency patient to Hospital.

Interest Free Micro Credit Facility: To credit fund to meet the credit requirements of small amount to the poors without interest.