1. Badar Memorial Lecture    – Gandhi Sanghharalaya Poverty & Islam- 2002
  2. Badar Memorial Lecture    –  Planetarium , Intrest free economy -2004
  3. Dr. Badar Cricket Tournment -2003
  4. Dr.Badar Cricket Tournament- 2005
  5. Distribution of Bamboo on Naherper, Saket Bihar -2003
  6. Dr. Bader Health Camp at Naya tola Karbala -2002
  7. 3 Pc Hand Pump
  1. Isopur Madrasa. |  2003
  2. Karbala Naya Tola. | 2004 
  3. Karbala Naya Tola. | 2005
  1. Cycle March as a Whest , Against  Criminals in Society , 2004
  2. Awareness Of Islam      – Dr.Zafrullah
  1. Haroon Nagar – I Masjid 2003
  2. Haroon Nagar –I Masjid 2004
  3. Ali Nagar Masjid 2004
  1. Prof. Imteyaz Sb. Program on Zakat at Haroon Nagar Community Hall. Professor Imteyaz Ahmad is a sociologist of international repute recently he did a remarkable research on Philanthropic behavior among Muslims. This study was mainly centered around Zakat System. This research was the 1st of the kind on Zakat. He presented his findings in a meeting, which was originated by us. He has also assured us of his help of we plan to do it for our area.
  2. Distribution of Kambal, old cloth, Wood, Pual, Tea, Sugar etc. in winter in slums.
  3. Eid Milan Program in which 800 Muslim & Non-Muslim Participated in Eid 2003.
  4. Iftar Programme For none Muslim in Ali Nagar Community Hall in Ramzan 2003 to 2004.
  5. Eid programme.
  1. Eid 2002    – 2200 Family
  2. Eid 2003    – 2500 Family
  3. Eid 2004    -2300 Family
  4. Eid Qurban:

2003 – 54 Animals – 2500 Family

2004 – 63 Animals – 2500 Family

2005 – 53 Animals – 2345 Family

  1. Treatment of Extremely poor patients.
  2. One of the organizer of National Curriculum frame work held on 20 + 21 Aug. 2005 in Aids control Hall in which Prof. Jaspal  , e.g. U.G.C. Chairman + Prof. Agnihotri participated , Education Secretary Primary & adult education Bihar, Unicef & N.C.E.R.T. participates.
  3. Awareness  and  Survey of Madrasa on terrorist activities.
  4. Trust Registered in 12 A & 804 in 2003-2004 Also returned for 2004-2005
  5. Jal Jungle Aur Jamin ho yeh janta ke Addin   C.Raj Gopal

आत्मा सुधि उपवास – 18 December 2003

  1. Citizen’s report on Chandan Bava Madrasa was released in the media, this report appeared in National and State news papers prominently Two important Tunnals Published the whole up arts one is associated with Gandhi Though Named Relevance and another is associated with left movement named hole mat. This report was prepared after visiting Chandan Bara Madrasa and Perusing then documents by five prominent citizens namely Dr. Razi Ahmad of Gandhi Sanghralaya , Late Dr. B.D. Prasad of Pucl , Prof. Ishwar Pd. Noted Economist of J.N.U. Satya Maraya & Arshad Ajmal.
  2. Islamic Awareness Camp ;- A Ten class for students who have appeared in ten the exam were organized separately for boys +  girls. This program concluded in a function where a lively Islamic Art exclusion was held . Students more given prizes and awarded certificates.
  3. Golden virtues: – An afford was made to organize tuition center for school students. This experiment was not a success story. The person who was made Incharge probably in his mission. The assessment of the lead may also be faulty. In nut set the response to our programme was dismal.
  4. Kifala :- This programme is implemented in a regular manner from but the trust is continuously supporting educational need of same class on adhoke basis.
  5. I.D.B. Scholarship :- The trust is activity engaged in different scholarship programs Prominent among there is the I.D.B. scholarship program.
  6. Social Awareness  :- The Trust  is a respected name not in its area of operations but its impact is felt on static level and in some cases as national level. This is due to its involvement in different social economic and political activity. Name a few issues on which Trust activity participated are Human Rights, Gender Issue, Education, Panchayati Raj, Micro Credit , Co-op movement, interest free economy, secularism democracy and issues of Islamic movement.

        The trust activity engaged it self in the above fields and most of the time it has taken the leadership roll.

  1. Political Awareness: – The trust took active part in ideological aspect of polities. At various election tunes not only in Bihar, but in Jharkhand its leadership activity campaigned for political process among Muslims.
  2. The trust science its inceptions addressed aggressively on the issue of communal. The Gujrat riot was a turning point of communal riot. A state level convention was organized at Bhartiya Nirtya Kala Mandir in which the delegates pan all over Bihar Participated. This programme was attended by Prabhas Joshi, Rup Rekha  verma  perful Bidwai, Ujma Nahid. This Programme was supported by action aid and Unicef. The Trust also cent taken amount for the relief of Gujarat victims.
  3. The brave activist Sarita & Mahesh were brutally hilled at Sabdo Village in Gaya District. They were doing experimanly on co-op farming and many other experiment on social change. To protest the killing a massive rally and meeting was held at Sabdo. The meeting was attended by (10,000 ) ten thousand  people. The trust leadership took the lead roll in the programme.